“On a little chair in the school’s hallway, for 25 years I welcomed children and their parents. I greeted the children, listened to whatever they needed to say, hugged them, and if I needed, held them on my lap to ease their anxiety as they said goodbye. Experience tells me that it is this type of simple daily ritual in combination with others that creates the type of atmosphere that is inviting and necessary for children to learn and grow. As I watch my grandson make a long line of trucks and ramble on to his teacher about his work of art. I am grateful, grateful that the preschool has not succumbed to the zealous pressures of our society to become academically oriented. I am grateful that there is a place for our children to experience a learning environment that has their best interest at heart. For this reason the preschool will always have a very special place in my heart.”
–Shirley Van Stone, Former Director and Co-Founder

“The moment I walked in the door, the Presbyterian Preschool made an impression as a place where our son could be safe and have so much fun he would not want to leave. The preschool is a very clean place with a great variety of learning environments and play equipment. The open yard is inviting and provides a secure and private place for children to explore. At the end of every school day, we are excited to find out what experiences our son has had!”
–J.L., Parent

“It’s fun, I like my teachers and I get to play with trains.”

“I remember walking by the Presbyterian Preschool (years before I was pregnant with my first child) thinking that this is where I would want my kids to go. Eveything they do is top quality and child centered. What could be better?”
–D.C., Parent

“I like preschool because you can paint anything if you want to and my preschool is the best place where I like to play.”