Parent Involvement

Parent Observations:

Parent support and education are important components of the program at Presbyterian Preschool. Parents or guardians are expected to observe once per year. One-way observation windows are available in each classroom to see the child’s interaction with other children and with staff in the program. The Director will conference with parents at this time. These conferences give parents the opportunity to learn about their child’s progress, get better acquainted with staff and learn more about our developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Parent Classes:

To encourage parent growth and awareness of the needs of the preschool child, there are three to four Parent Classes during the school year coordinated by the Parent Board of Directors. Guests are invited to speak on a variety of subjects, from brain development of four year olds to household safety to kindergarten readiness. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to hear information that is helpful, practical, and useful. Dates of these classes are scheduled on the school calendar. As part of the signed Preschool Admissions Agreement, at least one parent is required to attend each of the Parent Classes.

Volunteer Opportunities:

There are numerous opportunities for parents to volunteer during the year. Some of the things we look for help with are:

Our weekly Presbyterian Preschool emails provides parents with a look at the happenings and accomplishments of the children and their peers. Our goal is to create a mutually respectful relationship between parents and staff, a partnership for the benefit of the child. We look forward to working with you and your family.